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  • Front Load Washing Machine Rinse Cycle Problems and Solutions

    Front Load Washing Machine Rinse Cycle Problems and Solutions0

    Transitioning from a standard top loading washer to a high-efficiency front loader created some challenges. The first problem occurred when I noticed suds remained in the washer at the end of the wash cycle. It seemed as though the rinse cycle was not working properly, but it was not a mechanical issue. Through trial and

  • Top Home Exterior Behr Paint Colors for Spring

    Top Home Exterior Behr Paint Colors for Spring0

    Many people have been painting the exterior of their house on their minds when you remind spring. After having done so many years I found a personal favorite paint brand, Behr. If you’re thinking about a new coat of exterior paint this spring but can’t decide on the color consider one of these choices. I

  • Wood Heat for the Home

    Wood Heat for the Home0

    Our family has used wood heat my entire life, and at 46, I still use this form of heat in the winter months, so I feel I am somewhat of a self-proclaimed expert on the subject. Safety is a very strong factor when deciding which heating system you will choose, but you also want your

  • Western Furniture – Furnish Your Home in Style

    Western Furniture – Furnish Your Home in Style0

    Western furniture has always been very popular because of its naturalistic elements. The materials used to create western furniture follows the same lines as the raw material itself keeping the same basic ruggedness, contours, and mixture of colors. Over the years, western furniture has evolved remarkably from the roughly hewn furnishings and the bright colors

  • 96.3%State Roofing Incorporated

    State Roofing Incorporated0

    It’s always in the dead of winter and it’s always on the coldest day that you realize you have a problem. The real demons come out in your home and you know that the time for waiting has long since past. On such an occasion, in the Puget Sound region of Washington State, there is

  • 70%Dyson Vacuums: Not Worth the Trouble

    Dyson Vacuums: Not Worth the Trouble0

    This is a vacuum cleaner review coming from a friend who was really dismayed about her experience with the product. We do not intend to convince you to share the same opinion in our reviews. The experience of the writer maybe far different from others. This is just for the sake of sharing her experience